The Best of Latin American Cinema in Toronto

The Toronto Latin American Film Festival, LATAFF, is one of the highlights during the Hispanic Latin American Heritage Month (October), celebrating and sharing the Latin American culture and diversity.

LATAFF was launched in 2015 to meet the community’s need for opportunities that could enable them to strengthen their identification with their Latin-American roots, specially second generation of Latino immigrants. However, since then, the growing interest of the general population for the unique perspective of the Latin American film industry, has made this event an exceptional occasion to view some of the most successful movies that has captured the attention of millions of people around the world.

The Toronto Latin American Film Festival is an appointment in our city with the very best of Latin American cinema, and a celebration of our cultural diversity through the remarkable stories told in this selection of movies from the whole Spanish speaking continent.

We are the cultural and artistic thread between Latin American and other background heritage communities who enjoy watching movies and documentaries.

What inspires and moves us most is bringing together cultural diversity, age, religious, political and gender differences through our passionate and unique Latin American perspective on arts and film entertainment.

LATAFF is proudly presented by the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council, a non-profit organization created with the support and collaboration of the three levels of government, in addition to numerous organizations. Its mission is to highlight and promote the contribution of Hispanic / Latin American culture in the evolving fabric of Canadian Heritage.

One of the main activities of the HCHC is the celebration of the Hispanic / Latin American Heritage Month in October of each year, as it had been declared by the Toronto City Council, for the Ontario Legislature and for the Federal Parliament.

Check the 2023 program here

16 | 35 Latino Canadian Film

Our project 16│35 Latino Canadian Film, which supports Latinos living and producing film in Canada, invites you all to submit your work. Please click on the image below for more details.


As a complement to the festival, Latin American films and documentaries are screened all along the year at Cineforum│Lataff, followed often by open discussions managed by film directors, producers, actors, and/or Latin American Film Festival, Lataff, staff. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the Latin American culture, language and the art of film making from such an important worldwide film community members.