16│35 Latino Canadian Film

16│35 Latino Canadian Film project will support the best of film and documentary productions by Latinos living in Canada.

Their movies or documentaries, regardless of budget, genre, execution, approach or performance of their artistic work and duration, will always have a screening space at the Latin American Film Festival, Lataff, and at cineForum│lataff, our recently incorporated project in 2018, where all Latinos involved in film production in Canada are invited to show their work and have a conversation with the public attending the screenings.

Our focus is to create a safe environment of discussion by building a consistent commitment to engage the Latin American youth community.

With the 16│35 Latino Canadian Film project we are uniting all the Latino diversity to the empowering sense of belonging, knowing and becoming one single force of change integrated with the rest of communities developing in Ontario. We are creating a strong awareness, interest and familiarity with the dynamic and inclusive film industry of Toronto and Canada, due to films great power to communicate.

Films and documentaries are a great engaging tool, images and sound behind the story telling has the power to draw attention and encourage discussion amongst members of the Latin communities in Toronto.

We are, with the assistance of a youth advisory committee, conducting group consultations with young people, writers and film senior experts to implement a series of public education forums in which films and documentaries will be on front line, strengthening the need of raising an awareness on topics that immigrants go through.

The Toronto Latin American Film Festival, LATAFF, has become a powerful tool on which the Latino community has found common ground of interest and empowered their roots language. Latino youth has the power to initiate positive actions, such as acceptance, change and integration.

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