About Us

Our Vision Statement

We are the cultural and artistic thread between Latin American and other background heritage communities who enjoy watching movies and documentaries.

Our Mission Statement

What inspires and moves us most is bringing together cultural diversity, age, religious, political and gender differences through our passionate and unique Latin American perspective on arts and film entertainment. LATAFF will engage with the roots of the present and future generations of Canadian born Latinos.

Our Values

  1. Identity. We are Hispanics Latino Canadians, we are one unique community shaped up by 26 Latin American countries.
  2. Inclusiveness. We are true believers on welcoming ideas that will contribute to develop a friendlier and healthier environment.
  3. Accessibility. We are an open community, it is our Hispanic American cultural heritage and vitality what brings us together.
  4. Diversity. We are a magnificent blend of racial and cultural heritage which nurtures our insights towards understanding our commitment to obtain sustained integration.
  5. Innovation. We believe in a constant evolution by supporting the most modern statements portrayed by the Latino film industry
  6. Education. We value the continuity, growth and artistic integrity throughout a year-round season of community training and education provides to audiences.

Brief History

The Latin American Film Festival in Toronto, LATAFF, was launched in 2015 with the only purpose of capturing and promoting the unique perspective of the Latin American film industry and products.

LATAFF 2016, with 9 Latin American films, had a 235% of growth with the support and attendance of all Latin American communities, Latino Canadians and Canadians.

For 2017 we programmed a higher number of films focused on bringing in Latino youth, action that will raise a significant number of attendees.

Throughout the year, we also feature a Cineforum, where films and documentaries are screened followed often by open discussions managed by film directors, producers, actors, and/or Latin American Film Festival, Lataff, staff.


Our infrastructure is composed entirely of volunteers; some have been contributing to the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council since its inception in 2008. In addition, the organization works closely with the Spanish-speaking Consulates in the city of Toronto and with organizations focused on Latin American communities based in the Great Toronto Area, GTA.