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October 1 to 31
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Peru, 2017. 1 h 26 m
Directed by Oscar Sánchez Saldaña and Robert Julca Motta

Four villagers organize a festival in honor of the town’s patron saint to end the pain caused by the disappearance of several of their relatives. The villagers believe that if the Patron saint is pleased, the town will be able to end their years of mourning. The four villagers overcome many problems to organize a brilliant celebration, which will conclude with the symbolic burial of all the missing relatives. However, when one of the four has a terrible accident, they take this as a bad omen and a sign that the patron saint may not want to calm their sorrows at all.

Lima Screams / Lima grita

Peru, 2018. 1 h 19 m
Directed by Ximena Valdivia and Dana Bonilla
Documentary / Music

Through alternative music, Lima grita (Lima Screams) displays a constellation of moments that become intertwined and develop a musical dialogue within a space.

Pacificum, The Return of the Ocean / Pacificum, el retorno del océano

Peru, 2017. 1 h 14 m
Directed by Mariana Tschudi

Four scientists provide sweeping and intime narration of majestic coast of Peru from land, air and sea.

The Light on the Hill / La luz en el cerro

Peru, 2016. 1 h 25 m
Directed by Ricardo Velarde
Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

The mysterious death of a mountain shepherd awakens greed and superstition in a remote Peruvian village.

Trip to Timbuktu / Viaje a Tomboctú

Peru, 2014. 1 h 40 m
Directed by Rossana Díaz Costa

Trip to Timbuktu is the story of Ana and Lucho, two teenagers who live in Peru. Their story of love, which starts in childhood, reveals the changes which took place in this country during the 80’s. For them, the only way to survive in the middle of violence, poverty and lack of opportunities is through their love, a sort of refuge which has as its homeland an imaginary country called Timbuktu. Nevertheless, the reality will stand in their way and collapse their utopia.


Peru, 2013. 1 h 15 m
Directed by Omar Forero

César dreams of living in the cosmopolitan Trujillo, but the lack of jobs as a teacher in the city leads him to a bucolic Andean town, where he inadvertently falls in love with his little students, and with a captivating colleague.

Sigo siendo (Kachkaniraqmi)

Peru, 2013. 2 h
Directed by Javier Corcuera
Documentary / Music

A trip through the diversity of black and native Peruvian music. A film about characters, characters who are part of a country. Although the film talks about music and musicians, it is not strictly a musical but rather a reflection on personal stories apparently very far apart, stories that look for one another in a country also immersed in the struggle to find itself and create its own identity: Peru.

Dalila, the Guardian of the Mount / Dalila, la guardiana del monte

Peru, 2018. 18 m
Directed by Lupe Benites
Short Film

While looking for her chickens in the forest of her community, Dalila discovers a group of land traffickers who reveal their dark intentions. With the help of her fellow students, her teacher, and her grandmother, they will search for the truth.

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