The Offended / Los ofendidos

El Salvador (2016)
Directed by Marcela Zamora
Saturday, October 24th, 9.00 pm
Free streaming on Lataff Facebook page

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A journey through the bloody human rights violations committed in the Salvadoran civil war, and a cry for justice from the victims of torture, who, in the first person, tell of the horrors to which they were subjected, and the indivisible relationship between silence and impunity.

An award-winning documentary on the legacy of the internal armed conflict in El Salvador, The Offended features the director’s charismatic father, Rubén Zamora, a key political leader, who was captured and tortured by the National Police during the country’s civil war.

Illustrated with shocking archive footage, Zamora’s testimony, as well as that of others who suffered a similar fate, provides insight into the scope of this horrific war during which tens of thousands of people were murdered in shadowy circumstances.

An interview with a man who took part in the torture in a subordinate capacity also makes us aware of the cruelty people are capable of.

Above all, The Offended breaks the silence – not only of the generation that went through all of this in person, but also of the next generation, which is afraid of reopening the old wounds.

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