Johnny 100 Pesos, Chapter 2

Emerging from twenty years locked away in jail, Johnny must now confront a heartless society to ensure that the son he never knew does not go down the same criminal path that he took in his youth. Johnny must venture from Santiago’s gritty underworld to the pinnacle of the city’s elite to face new and dangerous challenges.

Directed by: Gustavo Graef Marino
Written by: Patricio Lynch
Starring: Valentina Vargas, Andrea Zuckermann, Armando Araiza, Francisca Gavilán, Luciana Echeverría, Daniel Antivilo
Spanish with Englisg subtittles
Date: Saturday, September 29
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: George Ignatieff Theatre Trinity College
Larkin Building, Ground Floor | 15 Devonshire Place |Toronto, ON