Cuba Libre

Simon and Samuel are two Cuban kids who will experience the defeat of the Spanish Army in their country and the ensuing US occupation in 1898 as an intense period of their lives.

Written and directed by Jorge Luis Sánchez, starring Jo Adrian Haavind, Isabel Santos, Adael Rosales, Manuel Porto, and the children Alejandro Guerrero and Christian Sánchez.

Jorge Luis Sanchez is a Cuban film director and founder of the Federacion Nacional de Cine Clubes de Cuba – the National Federation of Cine Clubs of Cuba. He started to work in ICAIC in 1981 as camera assistant, and later as assistant director. His first feature, El Benny, was presented at the Locarno International Film Festival in August 2006, where its star Renny Arozarena won the Boccalino prize for best performance for protagonist in all sections of the festival. At the Latinamerican Film Festival in Havana in December 2006, Sanchez received an award for the film.

Directed by: Jorge Luis Sánchez
Starring: Christian Sánchez, Jo Adrian Haavind, Isabel Santos, Adael Rosales, Manuel Porto
Date and time: Friday, Oct. 12, 7.00 pm
Location: George Ignatieff Theatre
General admission: $10
Spanish with English subtitles