Cineforum: ‘Johnny 100 Pesos’ 1 & 2

Johnny 100 Pesos 1

A 17-year-old student and four hardbitten accomplices attempt to hold up an illegal currency exchange. When the police close in on them, the bungling bandits reinvent themselves as political terrorists and are forced to take hostages. Matters only get worse when the news media descends on the scene and begin transmitting the event live to the whole country.

Johnny 100 Pesos 2

Two decades after an ill-fated heist gone wrong and turned into a media-frenzy, Johnny will face an unfamiliar world where the rules have changed and nothing is what it seems. He must venture from Santiago’s gritty underworld to the pinnacle of the city’s elite to face new and dangerous challenges.

At Cineforum│Lataff, Latin American films and documentaries are screened followed often by open discussions managed by film directors, producers, actors, and/or Latin American Film Festival, Lataff, staff. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the Latin American culture, language and the art of film making from such an important worldwide film community members.