Children of the Salt

In Cumaragues, Venezuela, an elderly father, Evaristo, and his pubescent children, Enrique (13) and Maria (16), survive by harvesting salt from the sea. After the father dies, they live alone. Isolated from the outside world they become increasingly distanced, whilst their lust starts to blossom. Their lives get a lot harder. The brutal reality of harvesting sea salt coincides with their blossoming sexuality. Their lives of solitude drive them further apart whilst awakening lust makes itself known.

  • Directed by: Luis and Andrés Rodríguez
  • Starring: María Alejandra Jiménez, Terry Goitía, José Torres, Aníbal Grunn, Yixi Villegas, Jesús Vergara, Aris Belén Mena

Screening: Friday, Oct. 26, 7.00 pm
General admission: $10
Spanish with English subtitles. Rated 18A
Where: George Ignatieff Theatre